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Blogging Tip – Know What People Are Looking For With Search Meter

One of the big tips that so-called “Blogging Gurus” are fond of giving is that you should write posts that address what your readers are looking for.  What they seldom, if ever, address is just how exactly it is that you’re supposed to know what people are looking for on your blog. It used to […]

Blogging Tip – Regular Posting

In spite of what you might think based on looking at the scarcity of new content posted on this blog I’ve known about this rule for a very long time.  In fact, it’s one of the first ones that I learned so many years ago when I started blogging. Writing new posts on a regular […]

Saving Ideas With Drafts

If you’re anything like me you get inspiration from all manner of things throughout the day that leave you thinking “I ought to write a blog post about that”.  The thing is however that often when I sit down to actually DO the writing I was thinking about earlier I find that I’m stuck. Frequently […]

The End Of A Long Hiatus

Yeah, I know, It’s been over a year since I last took the time to sit down and write something here.  There are a lot of reasons why this is however I’m not going to go into them because I doubt that anyone really wants to know all those oh so gory details.  Suffice it […]

Blog Layout Tip 3, Tags And Categories

When I first started blogging back in 2007 it was considered a good practice to use tags on your blog posts.  One would uses as many tags as possible (while keeping them relevant to the content of course).  The idea was that these tags provided that many more avenues by which readers or people using […]

Blogging Security Tip – Changing Passwords

One of the plugins I use on my WordPress blogs is called “Google Analyticator”.  It Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google’s Analytics.  It also adds a dashboard widget that shows you information about your traffic stats over the past 30 days. Information such as the number of unique visits and page loads.  It […]

Blog Layout Tip 2, Columns

Another aspect of your blog layout is the choice of how many columns to have and how wide each one will be.  It’s important because it has a major effect on how your blog looks. There are several basic designs to choose from. 1. Single Column I honestly have not seen a blog using a […]

Blog Layout Tip 1, Color Choices

Your blog layout is important. Get it right and people will focus on your content and be more likely to return. Get it wrong and people will hardly ever return because your blog layout has made it difficult to read or, in some cases, find your content.  In this post I want to talk about […]

What Is This Blog About?

A new visitor to this blog (and as I write this, all visitors are new) will reasonably ask the question in the title of this post “What is this blog about?”. I have decided to answer that question here in the first post instead of creating a separate “About” page. I’ll start off with a […]